Fury of the Ancients

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Fury of the Ancients

by James Brawley

Game:                         Fury of the Ancients (PC)
Production Time:     16 weeks (Approx. 12 hours per week)
Play Time:                  30 - 60 minutes
Engine:                        Unreal Development Kit (October, 2010 release)
Team Size:                 15
          Fury of the Ancients is one of two capstone games produced by Cohort 14.  Fury is a lightweight Diablo-style hack and slash game with a unique setting influenced by classic fantasy and South American and African tribal themes.  NecRomantic Studios took the game from conception to its final RTM milestone over the course of 4 weeks of preproduction and 16 weeks of production.  
My Role on the Project
My professional role on Fury of the Ancients was Producer and Project Lead.  I took charge of NecRomantic Studios after being personally selected by Guildhall's faculty for the role.  I lead a team of fifteen students (1 Producer, 1 Game Designer, 4 Level Designers, 6 Artists, 3 Programmers).  I played a large decision making role in every development category and played a support role when necessary.  My responsibilities included motivating the team, establishing our studio culture, setting the direction of development, enforcing the vision for the final product, coordinating departments, supporting each department during problem solving, reviewing and approving all assets and features, writing the story and producing the story cutscenes.  Additionally I created numerous game critical assets that did not fall clearly into a team member's area of expertise such as ragdoll physics assets, certain matinee cutscenes, sound recording, and several other minor miscellaneous tasks.
Though the role of Producer falls outside my specialization of Level Design, it provided a valuable opportunity to increase my familiarity with software development and art pipelines in UDK.  It also helped me to further build leadership skills, decision making skills, and problem solving skills.  The expertise with Unreal I developed in my individual projects allowed me to quickly resolve numerous technical and design issues on the project.


  • Fury of the Ancients - Fire Level - A shot of the detail meshwork in the Fire Level.  The Fire Level was designed by Kevin Wei under the supervision of Lead Level Designer Kyle Umbenhower, Game Designer Grant Kao, and myself.  Kevin Wei is responsible for the majority of initial construction and detail work.  Level Designer Chase Gordon did a bulk of the encounter work.  Level Designer Andy Kim did additional detail work and lighting work.
  • Fury of the Ancients - Fire Level 2 - Another shot of the Fire Level.  This area is the rim of a large volcano.  In this shot, the player engages several Swarmers, the weakest of the three standard enemies in fury of the Ancients.
  • Fury of the Ancients - Final Boss - This is final boss of Fury of the Ancients.  This encounter concludes the game. 
  • Fury of the Ancients - Final Boss 2 - In this shot, the Hak'tu final boss uses a spinning blade attack to eviscerate the player.
  • Fury of the Ancients - Tutorial Level - This level introduces the basic gameplay and gameplay mechanics.  This level was designed and implemented primarily by Game Designer Grant Kao.  Other level designers, as well as myself helped with last minute touch ups such as fog, revisions of the crystal materials in the cave and an additional lighting pass.